TV Research Companies

"Hello, I'm from the television!" someone contacts us to say every few weeks.  Usually a researcher from a TV Production Company. 

Naturally, we are happy to offer any assistance we can. 

(1) If you would like us to appear as guests on a TV programme, we are happy to appear, so long as we get a mention for The Social Group.  Over the years we have done lots of interviews for TV, Radio, and the Press.

(2) If you would like us to comment on a TV programme, we are happy to comment. Again, we would at least expect a mention for The Social Group.

(3) We are currently writing an autobiographical 'behind the scenes' book about our lives and The Social Group.  The working title is, "The Man Who Invented Social Networking". Book, TV, and Film rights are available.

(4) If you want us to do work for you to help you find people to appear on TV shows, we have a standard charge of £30 per hour, payable in advance, minimum charge £30. 

(5) Having spent decades setting up our extensive network of websites and social media pages, we are able to promote not only ourselves but any other subjext all over the internet.  If you are trying to reach people, maybe to promote a topic or a show, we are the right people to ask for help. 

Payments can be made by card over the phone - UK office 03456 121 770.

Note: we are legally-bound never to give out the contact details of any of our members to the media, marketing companies, or third parties, unless of course we are able to obtain their consent first.