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We are looking for people to run a franchise of The Social Group in other areas of the UK and around the world.

Run your own branch of The Social Group, organising social events, dining out, parties, and activities.  Enable people to find friends, have fun, and enjoy a great social life! 

Benefit from our many years of experience and expertise.  Avoid costly mistakes and ensure you don't fall foul of government regulations.

Become a Social Group Organiser and help us develop social networking still further.

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Looking for a useful SECOND INCOME? 

Party Plan / Selling Social Group Memberships

Commissions and benefits are available in exchange for you finding us new members to join The Social Group. 

We'll supply you with all the publicity material, official ID, and everything you need.  Then it's down to you to recruit new people to sign up to join. 

Mostly people opt to do this on a part-time basis, finding us new members for a useful second income.  As we have a long track record and are well established in having done so much good work for people in our community, you should find lots of people wanting to sign up to join. 

The work can be as simple as you walking door to door and delivering leaflets, or you may have access to a large number of people at work you can recruit, or you may wish to hold party plan get-togethers like reps of Avon or Body Shop, or you may wish to set up a stall in a shopping mall or supermarket and just ask the public if they are interested.  Or you may be able to sign up local shops and post offices to sign up new members on your behalf. 

We don't mind how you do it - we're so busy these days, we just need additional help on the sales side of things.  Naturally, we'll do our best to back you up as much as we can and we'll pay you a generous commission for everyone who joins through your efforts.  The more the merrier!


Contact our SALES DIRECTOR Cathy in the Social Group Office on 03456 121 770. 

Or email  EMAIL [email protected]