Welcome To The Social Group


When people first join The Social Group, we process your application.  JOIN FEES cover the work done to join you into the group.  Once this is completed, you then have the opportunity to take part in all our events and benefit from all our services at Member rates for the duration of your time with us.

Once we have a signed and completed Join Form, 2 passport photos, and payment from you, we'll get on with assembling you a NEW MEMBER WELCOME PACK, which will be posted out to you to welcome you into the group. 

One photo is kept on file in our office so we know what everyone looks like and the other is made into a personalised photo ID Card made just for you. 

You'll also receive a current copy of our double-size Social Group Magazine, usually 140+ pages or so in total, written exclusively for Members, which has more about how things work and full details of services on offer and what's on. Each event listed is written out in some detail, which should make it easy to get started and take part.

We won't normally telephone you straight away after sending you this, as it's felt people need time to be able to read through it all. Social Group Magazine is pretty comprehensive and ought to contain everything you need to know, with us spending many months putting a lot of effort in to producing each issue.  But if you need any FURTHER ASSISTANCE you are very welcome to give us a call.



Our team is headed by husband and wife ANDREW & CATHY who met through the group, who put themselves forward as a focal point to try to make a real effort to provide a much more personal service and not be just another faceless company with a head office in some distant capital. Here, we have a fabulous organisation with lots on offer, but it's still made very accessible and you'll find our intention is always to do our best to look after you.  We are not the same as anyone else.  At it's heart, this is very much Andrew & Cathy's own 'group of friends' you are joining in with.

You can photos of Andrew & Cathy on the internet and in Social Group Magazine.  You can telephone us.  You can email us.  And a mobile number for text messaging is listed on HOW TO CONTACT US on the inside back page of Social Group Magazine. 

You can also follow us on Twitter...

For Andrew's Twitter Page @AHaglington CLICK HERE!

For Cathy's Twitter Page @CathyHaglington CLICK HERE!

It is hoped that New Members will feel they have two friends to start with, making it easier to participate and feel at ease. Naturally we want everyone to feel welcome!

Andrew & Cathy don't attend every last thing on offer.  Many things run absolutely fine without us being there, with us having lots of well established long-term Members we can rely on.  However, we do make an effort to host lots of the dining out social events and parties, be on the ground to sort out lots of the activities, and frequently take part on Social Group Holidays to look after everyone in resort.



There are a whole range of services on offer to Social Group Members.  Everything is offered subject to availability. What's On changes every month and throughout the year. People are usually really impressed when they receive what we have sent them and we get lots of nice comments and positive feedback. 

If you wish to make use of any of our BESPOKE SERVICES just for you, please contact Andrew & Cathy and have a chat about what we can do for you. 

If you want to go on a SOCIAL GROUP HOLIDAY with the group, our best advice is to BOOK EARLY!  Accommodation and flights often sell out and prices may rise nearer the time.  To reserve a place, you are welcome to pay a deposit, and if you do this early enough, you can pay us in installments.  For solo travellers we can usually book single occupancy accommodation, but single people on a budget who are happy to share a room with another Social Group Member can make massive savings, making Social Group Holidays not only memorable travel experiences, but also incredible value for money!  If you are unused to travelling abroad on holiday, we can provide additional support and advice for first time travellers.  We are able to help arrange transport to the airport and transfers at the destination.  Many of the group holiday destinations we feature have been found to be especially suitable for groups and we know them well.  In the past we've frequently got fantastic deals for our travel companions. DON'T MISS THE BOAT - GO WITH US NEXT TIME!

To take part in ORGANISED GROUP EVENTS such as dining out, parties, live entertainment, days out, walks, and outdoor activities, simply give us a call and book yourself a place.  It really couldn't be easier!

With full details in Social Group Magazine, our Members can plan ahead and make the most of all kinds of opportunities to meet people, socialise, make friends, and HAVE FUN!