Prior To Joining


Prior to joining, there's lots of information about us online, including our Terms & Conditions and how things work.  We're well established, dating back to the 1990's, so you'll find we're all over the internet.  Our WEBSITES and TWITTER PAGES contain large numbers of photos of real people at actual events, so it should be easy to get a really good idea what we are about and see some of the things we have organised previously. 

Lots of people seem to want to know HOW MANY MEMBERS we have. We don't waste your time by making false claims that we have 10,000 Members or treating you like an idiot by pretending they will all live near to you.  The truth is, our Membership goes up and down all the time.  New people join.  Many stay with us for several years.  Often people leave for a while, then come back and re-join.  We offer big discounts for ex-members wishing to re-join and even bigger discounts for those who stay with us and renew before expiry.  We get people from a wide range of backgrounds and professions.  In the past there's been lots of really nice people taking part.   We get plenty of people joining every year, but please don't expect absolutely everyone to be available on one particular day, as that isn't going to happen. At any one time, you never know who is available, who is away on holiday, who is busy with family, and who has something to do connected with work.

Lots of people ask about AGES OF MEMBERS.  You can get a really good idea of this by looking through all the photos on our web sites and Twitter pages. We aim some events at younger age groups for people in their 20s 30s.  We aim some events at people in older age groups for people in their 40s, 50s, 60s+.  Many events attract a mixture of ages.

WHAT'S ON changes every month.  Sometimes, you might find just a few bigger events such as a party or a holiday.  Other times, there might be several different events to choose from on the same day, taking place in different towns.  We offer lots of choice and much of the programme of events comes from suggestions from Members.  All events and services are offered subject to availability. 

We have a long track record of delivering all kinds of social events, dining out, parties, group activities, amazing holiday experiences, and bespoke services, and we are proud of our history and reputation.  We look forward to hearing from you and hope to meet you soon - the more the merrier! 



For CURRENT PRICES and details of any SPECIAL OFFERS, please email us, stating your name and town, so we can send you the appropriate information for your area.

Here's the link to email us  EMAIL [email protected]  



We don't waste your time by making you attend a contrived "free taster" or fake "welcome event" which doesn't give a true representation of what we are all about. When you join The Social Group you can get started with all we offer right from the start. 

It's easy to join.  Telephone today, pay to join by card over the phone, and send on the paperwork afterwards. Simples!

Our customer-friendly 03456 121 770 telephone number costs the same as calling an 01 number from any UK landline or mobile, so if you are on a contract, you can in effect call us for free.  If we are out organising things for Members or hosting social events, please leave your message on the answer phone and someone from our team will be happy to call you back as soon as we are able.

The way we work complies with government guidelines and means everything is done properly and professionally, and ensures you can get stuck in and get started relatively quickly.

There's a whole range of services to enjoy and all kinds of events, dining out, parties, walks, days out, activities, holidays, etc. to look forward to.  Looking for more to do and a better social life?  Join The Social Group!