How It Works

How It Works



  • PAY THE JOIN FEE for our team to do the work to join you into the group.
  • This reflects many months of work on websites, social media, and planning and writing Social Group Magazine and the programme of events, as well as something towards our office costs, running costs, and staff wages, as well as including doing the admin work to process your application, put together your welcome pack, and get your starter info out to you.
  • Complete and sign the JOIN FORM.
  • Post back the JOIN FORM and required PHOTOS.
  • Once a Social Group Member you can enjoy events and services on offer (subject to availability).


  • A NEW MEMBER WELCOME PACK with 140+ A4 page double-issue printed SOCIAL GROUP MAGAZINE is posted out to you when you first join, with this including welcome information, a comprehensive events programme, and a photo-personalised Member ID Card
  • CHOOSE from a wide selection of  services and all kinds of social events, lunches, casual dining, restaurants, murder mystery, live entertainment, festivals, concerts, comedy, party nights, outdoor activities, adventure sports, walks, weekend breaks, holidays, and much more!
  • Many of our social events are HOSTED, with professional hosts.   
  • LOCAL EVENTS, plus access to more events further afield, with you being welcome at any Social Group events in any Social Group area.
  • In addition to our events with the group, we also offer a wide range of bespoke services at Member Prices, including Experience Days and Concierge Booking Services.


  • While we print all our information and post this out to you in Social Group Magazine, there’s lots more to enjoy online.
  • Download The Social Group app to your smart phone for easy access to what’s on information and the latest news and updates.
  • Visit multiple Social Group websites to view many hundreds of photos of things we ran previously. 
  • Take a look at Social Group Twitter pages and Social Group Facebook pages to see what’s been happening recently.


  • Read what we send you, choose what you would like to do, then get in touch to instruct our admin team to do the work to make bookings.
  • For events where no payment is required, it’s easiest to either text or phone the office.
  • For bigger events where payment is required in order to book, such as for parties, shows, or adventure sports, it should be easy to phone our admin team and pay by card.
  • For Social Group Holidays, please contact us and talk to our team, who have masses of travel advice, having taken tour groups all over the world, including Australia, Mexico, California, Las Vegas, Miami, Caribbean, Singapore, Egypt, Crete, Italy, and France. 


  • Once you have booked on something, if you don’t hear anything further from us, simply follow the instructions in Social Group Magazine.
  • Basically, make sure you turn up on the day, join in, do your best to be good company, and enjoy yourself!



  • To avoid disappointment, you are advised to BOOK EARLY!
  • Each event in Social Group Magazine has a stated booking deadline.  Please do your best to book well before this, thank you.
  • Any problems, please give us a call on telephone 03456 121 770.
  • Our number for TEXT MESSAGING is stated on the CONTACT DETAILS page in the inside back cover of Social Group Magazine. 
  • All bookings are made in accordance with the agreed Terms & Conditions.