Independent Social Enterprise


By Social Group founder Andrew Haglington...

"The Social Group may be a family-run business, but it is also proud of it's heritage as an independent social enterprise, and at it's heart it will always be a 'group of friends'.  As a socialising and friendship organisation, our aims include enabling people from all walks of life to feel they have to be isolated or lonely, and our team work very hard to help people be able to enjoy a good social life.

At some time or other in our lives we've all felt lonely.  We all know how unpleasant it can be to be alone. Loneliness is serious. Lack of social contact with real human beings away from a TV set or computer screen can be a problem, leading to an erosion of confidence, an inability to interact socially, and a disconnection from the real world.  Social skills do benefit from being used.  Self-esteem improves with good people around you.  Participating is good for you.  Having fun and doing things can make life seem worthwhile. Life should be more than just 'work-telly-sleep'. We can provide a ready-made social life fit for a celebrity, at a fraction of the price.  Enjoy yourself... it's later than you think!

The fundamental principles by which The Social Group operates aim to help people connect and socialise, both utilising the internet, the double-size magazine we write, and out at social events in person.  The aim has always been to have fun!  Yes, The Social Group is something unique and special. Since its creation in 1997, The Social Group has done a lot of good for people of all ages, professions, and backgrounds.  Enabling countless thousands to connect and socialise.  Good times! Good company! And so much more!

At the core, we're a small organisation, who outsource to other firms for specialist services.  Our dedicated team don't get paid a great deal for all our work at The Social Group, and many of the people who help us are volunteers. People work very hard.  Our efforts do change lives.  Behind the scenes we do a great deal of good work to make the world a better place, support good causes, and help people in our community.  There is a clear public benefit. Sometimes we get calls from people who just need another human being to talk to.   Other times, out at dinner, we can listen and offer good advice.  Whatever we are able to do.