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BRISTOL SOCIAL GROUP offers a choice of social events in the city of Bristol and the surrounding region around Bristol, in South West England.  Members have the opportunity to take part in a varied programme of social events, dining out, entertainment, parties, days out, outdoor activities, walks, adventure sports, and much more. Members can choose from social events in Bristol City Centre, Cabot Circus, Park Street, Whiteladies Road, Clifton, Westbury-on-Trym, Cribbs Causeway, Thornbury, Forest Of Dean, South Gloucestershire, Cotswolds, Keynsham, Chippenham, Bath, Mendips, North Somerset, Cardiff, and South Wales - plus additional events in Somerset, Devon, and Cornwall. Plus a selection of UK weekend breaks and international Social Group Holidays.

BRISTOL FRIENDS - It's great to have friends!  And at the core of Bristol Social Group, we have always been a 'group of friends'. Most people who join Bristol Social Group tell us they already have a circle of friends, but are looking to meet some new people and make some new friends.  People say they like the idea of having events they can join in with when their other friends might not be available.  People tell us they like our philosphy that life should be more than WORK-TELLY-SLEEP and share our views about getting the life/work balance right. People seem to like the idea of having more choice in their social life of what they have to do and many tell us they like the idea of having all the hard work done in organising everything for them. Everyone likes the idea of good times and good company.

Bristol Social Group organises some events aimed at the 20s, 30s, 40s age group. Bristol Social Group organises some events aimed at the 40s, 50s, 60s age group.  Many Bristol Social Group events attract a mixed age group.  Everyone is made welcome.  Joining Bristol Social Group provides a terrific opportunity to meet people from a wide range of professions and backgrounds.

BRISTOL SINGLES - Bristol Social Group is the favourite singles social organisation for Bristol.

BRISTOL COUPLES - Bristol Social Group is the favourite couples social organisation for Bristol.

BRISTOL SOCIALISING - Bristol Social Group is the favourite socialising organisation for Bristol.

If you are looking for a great social life, join THE SOCIAL GROUP!

BRISTOL SOCIAL GROUP is the Bristol branch of THE SOCIAL GROUP.  BRISTOL SOCIAL GROUP is a trading name of SOCIAL GROUP ENTERPRISES LTD.  THE SOCIAL GROUP is an independent social enterprise, funded entirely by subscriptions and donations. Our team of organisers draw just a modest salary and everything else goes on running costs and working hard to provide people with a great social life.

Over the years we have become a force for good in the local community, with a clear public benefit, providing a group of friends for people to go out and join in with and with us providing a ready-made social life for people to enjoy.  We have enabled a large number of people to have fun and make friends.  We have helped bring people together, with lots of friendships, relationships, marriages and families as a result.  We've made it possible for people to try new things, go new places, exercise social skills, improve interpersonal relationships, and build up confidence.  We've worked hard to eliminate the need for anyone to be lonely or isolated.  We've helped a lot of people following separation, divorce, illness, and bereavement. Bristol Social Group has proved ideal for people new to Bristol and looking to find their feet.  Bristol Social Group has become an important social network and business network, bringing the community together and stregthening bonds in the region. Bristol Social Group has been the perfect choice for people looking for more to do and for people to to it with.  We've provided friends and someone to talk to.  Along the way, we have also done a great deal to support good causes and raise money for charities.  

THE SOCIAL GROUP was founded in 1997 by Andrew Haglington.  We were the first to identify a need in society to enable people to connect, interact and socialise.  We were the first to put this in place utlising a printed magazine and the internet.  We are widely recognied as the inventors of social networking.  In 1997 we shortened the word socialising to social and named all things social...  Social group.  Social events.  Social networking.  Social media.  Social enterprise.  These are our phrases, now widely adopted and copied by many others.