Meet People. Have Fun. Make Friends.


Many of the people who join The Social Group tell us they are looking for MORE TO DO and a nice group of people to enjoy GOOD TIMES with.  Some people say they are attracted to the idea of being able to meet people in a normal unpressured environment, make friends of both sexes, and enjoy a good social life.  Some say they join for all the PARTIES and nightlife.  Some say they love the opportunity to try all sorts of exciting ACTIVITIES and adventure sports.  Some say they really enjoy DINING OUT and love having a ready-made 'group of friends' to go out to country pubs and restaurants.  Some say they like the good conversation and good company.

Many say they are definitely not looking for romance and have no wish to join any sort of dating agency. 

At the same time, others say they definitely are hoping to meet someone special.

The Social Group is first and foremost a SOCIALISING ORGANISATION. We are not set up as a dating agency.  However, for those looking to meet someone special and find romance, we have a track record second to none. After all, Social Group Organisers Andrew & Cathy met through The Social Group and have been married since 2002, testament to this being a great way to meet someone special and build a long lasting relationship. And there's been lots of other WEDDINGS too!

We always see it that people can join The Social Group, have some fun and enjoy themselves doing interesting things with a nice group of people, without any kind of stigma or pressure.  If our Members take part in lots of events and have a great time, then find love and romance as well, then that's a bonus!  We always like it when people find HAPPINESS!

The Social Group is all about MEETING PEOPLE and MAKING FRIENDS. If you are looking for romance, this is a great way to meet someone special in a normal unpressured more natural way. 

Join a dating agency and you find yourself 1 to 1 meeting up for a drink with a complete stranger who you might have nothing in common with whatsoever, feeling incredibalt awkward and really regretting putting yourself in such a difficult situation. Every week we get people on the phone who tell us how dissatisfied their experiences of dating agencies have been and how cheapened they feel at having put themselves through that, often wasting hundreds of pounds.

Join The Social Group and you'll have the opportunity to meet lots of nice people and make lots of friends. Even if, for example, you only took part in one small event a week and only met say half a dozen people at each event, that could turn out to be 52 x 6 people to meet over the course of a year, making of a possible of total of 312 potential new friends, which we think would give you a far greater chance of finding someone special.

When you join The Social Group, you can get together with a few people over dinner, then go out to a big party night with those friends, and even go on a Social Group Holiday together.  Knowing the social side of things will all be organised for you, with our professional team carefully managing all event bookings and keeping an eye of everything to make sure it's all as it should be.  And while you're out HAVING FUN, building up your social skills, meeting people, making friends, and enjoy the time of your life, you might well end up getting close to someone. 

What a fabulous way to meet we offer!  All very nice.  All very respectable. Much safer, with Organisers knowing who everyone is. A great way to enjoy a terrific social life and a fantastic opportunity to find yourself a proper relationship with someone really nice.  

Single people who end up living happily ever after, don't forget, you can still come out to The Social Group and enjoy taking part in our events, activities, and holidays with all your other Social Group friends as a couple!  We are not a 'singles-only' club, and couples are very welcome.  Many of our couples join as a couple, maybe new to the area or looking for more to do, but many started off as single people who met someone through The Social Group and became a couple.

Everyone is made welcome!  We look forward to seeing all our happy singles and couples out with us soon!  Come out with The Social Group and have some fun! Cheers!